[7] William Sidney Locke (1876-????)

William Sidney Locke (1876-????) was born in Bexleyheath on 15th April 1876. He was aged four at the 1881 census when he was living with his family at 15 Orchard Hill, Greenwich. He had already been enrolled at Lucas Street School the previous year on 5th April. After his father’s death in 1882, he was admitted to Greenwich Union South Metropolitan District School, Brighton Road, Sutton, along with his siblings, Christopher, Florence and Margaret. He was only 14 years and five months old when he was discharged from the school on 10th September 1890 and he was sent to the training ship Exmouth, in Essex. There are several records of William ‘Harris’, a seaman being admitted and discharged from Greenwich workhouse and infirmary between October 1893 and January 1894.

William Harris, served on the training ships HMS Impregnable and HMS Ganges from 29th January 1891 until 18th November 1892. He was then transferred to HMS Superb, which was based in the Clyde Estuary. He was discharged from this vessel on 5th May 1893, after sustaining an injury. He was finally invalided out of Royal Navy service in Plymouth, where he may have been sent to the Royal Naval Hospital. His Navy career had been cut short and, at the age of 18, he was destitute with no home.

His discharge reference stated that he was of very good character, but the nature of any injury he had sustained is not recorded. After this he disappeared from the official records and when he died is not known.