[3] Florence Price (1869-1898)

Florence Price (1869-1898) (also known as Florence Amy Locke) was born in Pentonville on 6th August 1869. She was aged 1 for the 1871 census and eleven in 1881. After her father’s death in 1882, she was first admitted to the Poor Law School. She was taken out for two weeks in February 1883, possibly by her mother. There were several occasions when, as a servant, Florence ‘Harris’ was admitted and discharged from the Greenwich workhouse and infirmary between September 1886 and June 1888.

Florence Amy Locke married William Parberry at St John’s Church, Hammersmith on 21st September 1896. She was 27 and he was a widower of 45. Their address at this time was 2 Ader Road, Hammersmith. ‘William Samuel Locke’ (deceased), profession ‘Teacher’, was recorded as her father, presumably to conceal any suggestion of illegitimacy. Her sister, Agnes, was a witness, using the surname ‘Locke-Harris’.

The marriage was short-lived, as Florence died on 6th April 1898, aged just 28. She was living at 52 Coningham Road, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, when she died of heart disease. Her husband, William, was recorded on the Death Certificate as a ‘General Labourer’.