[5] Aline Blanche Locke (1873-1928)

Aline Blanche Locke (1873-1928) was born in Bermondsey on 7th June 1873. After the birth of Blanche, as she was always known, her family moved to Bexleyheath. They lived at 3 Oak Villas, Church Road, where her two younger brothers were born. She was enrolled at Lucas Street School on 5th April 1880. For the 1881 census, the family were at 15 Orchard Hill, Greenwich and Blanche was aged seven. After her father’s death the following year, she was not admitted to the Poor Law School like her siblings. She was later admitted to Lewisham workhouse, but discharged herself on two occasions - 30th September 1890 and 4th September 1891. Between these dates the 1891 census was held and Blanche, aged 17, was working as a domestic servant for Mr & Mrs Goddard at 101 Ravensbourne Road, Greenwich. She became a workhouse infirmary nurse and in 1901 was working at St Mary, Islington, Infirmary. A report in the Islington Gazette of 4th September 1903, mentioned her resignation from this position.

She moved to Kent and was recorded in the 1911 census as employed in the workhouse infirmary at Hollingbourne. In February 1915, the resignation of Nurse Blanche Locke was announced by the Cheltenham Board of Guardians, so she had moved on to Gloucestershire at some point.

She never married and died at New End Hospital, Hampstead, on 6th January 1928, aged 54. Her address was 5 Carlingford Road, Hampstead. She left an estate of £219 12s 8d and this was left to her nephew, Henry Oscar Locke. Her name was registered as ‘Aileen Blanche Locke’. She died of a cerebral haemorrhage and at her death her sister, Louisa Chesham, of 44 Denning Road, was in attendance. On her Death Certificate her occupation was given as ‘spinster Hospital Nurse’ and her age, incorrectly, as 55, rather than 54.